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7 Jun 2024

Atari ST Multitasking with Geneva by Gribnif Software

Atari ST Multitasking with Geneva by Gribnif Software

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The Atari ST was a great system with many advanced features, the one it lacked vs Windows was the ability to load multiple programs at the same time and then effortlessly switch between them. But then in 1988, along came Gribnif Software and a genius named Dan Wilga. Dan released two significant pieces of software, Geneva and NeoDesk. Geneva is a multitasking environment that runs on your Atari ST and allows you to launch and operate many other programs at the same time. NeoDesk is a very sophisticated desktop replacement for the normal Atari ST. Today, we're going to look at Geneva and some of its capabilities. You'll learn how to launch other programs and switch between them. In later videos I'll cover some of its functions in more detail. Then, after that, I'll take a look at NeoDesk.

Also in the video I give a MASSIVE shout out to Dan Wilga of Gribnif software, the developer of Geneva and NeoDesk. Not only did he create these, he's maintained them, even releasing updates as late as 2018, 30 years after its initial release. I included a link to his site where you can download them, which also has a link to his PayPal donation page where you can send him a little love. I did. Why? Because Geneva and NeoDesk are outstanding examples of software development. He deserves every penny sent him way for his work back then and even now.


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