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24 May 2021

XBoot - Atari ST Boot Configuration Utility

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You all know the problem: In the course of time the boot partition of your Atari ST hard drive gathers an increasing number of AUTO folder programs, accessories and CPX modules and, pretty soon, you lose all control. So, it would be nice if you could only load the AUTO folder programs, accessories and CPXs pertaining to each particular session. And that's exactly where XBoot comes to the rescue. Running as the first program in the AUTO folder of the boot partition, it offers the option of creating a unique configuration for each AUTO folder program, accessory or CPX module. But that is only one of XBoot's numerous features...

A distinct drawback to rning programs from the AUTO folder is that they cannot use any GEM functions (AES), in other words: there is no graphic user interface and no mouse. Because of this such programs are, in most cases, very cumbersome to use, in particular when they contain numerous options

XBoot is different. It is the first program for the ST/STE/TT that provides a real GEM-like interface within the AUTO folder. And it is fully mouse controlled. You work with a real mouse pointer as if you were in a regular GEM program. In addition, almost all functions can also be invoked from the keyboard.

Besides being easy to use, the program is also very efficient and, in addition to standard features such as activating/deactivating of AUTO programs, accessories and CPX modules, it also offers many others.

Once you have set your system or emulator to boot to a certain resolution, you can simply boot, select the set for that resolution/purpose and you can boot into your customized desktop.




Here is a short overview of XBoot's features:

• Fully controlled with either mouse or keyboard.

• Runs on all Ataris (ST/STE/TT), in monochrome or colour, independent from the hardware used. The minimum resolution is 640 x 200 pixels.

• Often used settings can be saved as a set.

• Closely related files - like an AUTO folder program with its CPX configuration - can be selected/deselected with a single mouse click or keystroke (Links).

• The execution order of AUTO folder programs, accessories and CPX modules can be changed at will.

• The programs, accessories, CPX modules, and sets can be listed as sorted or unsorted.

• Setting of system date and time.

• Even computers without a battery backed-up clock will maintain the correct time and date after a reset

• Flexible installation of any Info-file, i.e. ASSIGN.SYS, DESKTOP.INF/NEWDESK.INF etc. can be charged on the fly.

• Each set can have a list of batch commands (e.g. COPY, KILL, EXEC).

• Autostart of any GEM program under all TOS versions (1.00 and 1.02 as well).

• A very comfortable, custom written, file selector


Use the links below to download the remastered XBOOT manual and a zip file containing an English version of the XBoot program. Just download it and place it in your ST Auto directory.

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