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The Atari 520ST, saw limited release in April–June 1985 and was widely available in July. The 520ST is the first personal computer to come with a bitmapped color GUI, using a version of Digital...
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9 Apr 2022

Unlimited Atari ST Game Saves with Atari STeem Emulator

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A lot of older Atari ST games only allowed three lives before the game was over and you had to start over. Well, the STeem emulator overcomes this limitation by allowing you to save your game progress at any time. Then, if you lose a life, you can restore your game progress right where you last saved. Then you can try again to get to the next screen or level with the minimum of damage. Then just save again.

This works for games without a built-in save function AND to reload ANY ST software at any point during its previous use.

Lastly, you can assign shortcut keys to quick save and restore with just a single keypress!


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